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Re-discovering the founding vision

In 2008, IKEA faced an internal moral crisis, with key leaders feeling the company had moved away from its foundational values. Working with learning agency LINE, we created a 12 minute drama encapsulating IKEA’s vision statement. It was shown to 130,000 staff worldwide to re-inspire them to ‘make a better life for the many people.’

Immersing in company culture

IKEA trains 10,000 new store managers every year. We created a six-part comedy series to form the backbone of the training programme. The course and films won Gold at the Brandon Hall Training Awards.

Connecting staff to customers

As part of this worldwide culture change programme, IKEA recognised they needed to hear directly from their customers. We made a series of in-depth customer story films revealing how it feels to shop at IKEA.

Watch some films we’ve made for IKEA –