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Jeremy Higham


Jeremy began his film-making career working with some of the biggest companies in UK including BP, BT, Shell, Powergen and Occidental Oil.

He went on to make the first five episodes of the multi-award winning series The Lonely Planet for Channel 4. 

He has worked with celebrities including Damon Hill, Eddie Irvine, Prince Naseem Hamed, Naomi Campbell, Chris Evans, Ulrika Jonsson, Chris Martin and most recently Nick Clegg. 

Jeremy’s BBC Correspondent film, 'Convoy to Moldova’, received worldwide acclaim, winning an RTS Award and the Silver Nymph Award at the Monte Carlo Film Festival.

Jeremy founded Higham & Company with the belief that everyone deserves to be heard and understood. 

He hopes to continue training young people in filmmaking through the Higham Academy. 

Jeremy’s big dream is to direct a corporate musical, so if you’re interested, drop him a line. You’ll make his year!