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Our 90-second films help customers understand quickly what’s distinct about your brand and product.

Below are examples from Gresham House, The Wedding Present Company , Loch Fyne , Collier's Cheese, Tricker's Shoes, and Dualit.

Gresham House

Gresham House is fast becoming the go-to firm for sustainable investment. They needed a film to help potential clients see its dynamic team in action. Using documentary techniques to capture behind-the-scenes conversations, interwoven with stunning imagery of forests, wind turbines and solar farms, we aimed to take potential customers right into the heart of this specialist asset management company.

The feedback on the film has been overwhelmingly positive.

Lizzie Darbourne, Marketing Director, Gresham House

The Wedding Present Company

This bespoke wedding service makes couples feel loved, cherished and “at home”. So we maximised the appeal of their personal service by hearing from their delightful consultants and featuring a mini love story of a typical client couple.

We absolutely love it! So brilliant!

Georgie Evans, Marketing Manager, The Wedding Present Company

Loch Fyne

Loch Fyne harvests some of the world's finest seafood, we made a series of films to convey the provenance, quality of the product & environmental consciousness of this world class brand - all in under 2 minutes.

The film has gone down really well, we are very happy, so thank you. The sales team love the music, I hear them humming it after meetings.

Virginia Sumsion, Marketing Manager, Loch Fyne

Collier’s Cheese

Fayrefield’s luxury cheese brand Collier’s had two key objectives for their film: to help make retailer meetings more engaging and to increase their international reach, particularly in the US. We explored the connection between Collier’s cheesemaking and the history of mining in Wales in this 90 second film.

The film Higham & Company created for Collier’s is the cornerstone of our brand’s look and feel. It’s a valuable visual tool to use with customers, through all marketing channels and at international trade shows, and has contributed towards returning business.

Nick Hilton, Managing Director, Fayrefield Foods

Tricker’s Shoes

Tricker’s make the finest handmade shoes in the world, by royal appointment and for some of the Premiership’s top football players and managers. Our opportunity was to reveal the intricate process that validates Tricker’s eye-watering price tags.

This film is really valuable as a means of introducing Tricker’s to key clients. The rich, creative details the team at Higham & Company injected set it apart from other promotional materials we’ve used before.

Martin Mason, Managing Director, Tricker’s


Our brand film for Dualit helps anyone engaging with the company understand its culture, heritage and passion for engineering. Our films have lasting value, years later. Dualit continue to have success with this film on their website, on retailer micro-sites and in meetings with retail buyers.

The video is very well received. We are all very pleased with it. Viewings on our site and on the customer’s site are very good. It is portraying Dualit in the light we want to be seen in and has the feel-good factor we really wanted.

Amit Ravat Head of Marketing, Dualit