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Unlocking your team's voices in lockdown

Lockdown didn’t put a stop to Oasis UK launching a new website with a fresh "About Us" film. 

Instead it created an opportunity for staff members to own the film and contribute to it in a much deeper way.

Unable to send crews around the country to film the many different Oasis Projects, H&Co trained over 20 team members in a zoom workshop to use their own phones to film their thoughts and experiences of the charity. Using fun exercises and challenges, within a morning they were filming their own pieces-to-camera like seasoned vloggers, bringing personal stories, humour and insight. Many of the participants were more junior team members who wouldn't normally be on the short list of interviewees for a brand-level communication.

With support and technical tips from our team to make sure the iphone footage was as good as possible, people were soon sending footage from all corners of the country. It was a complex rubix cube for our editors - building a narrative with such a variety of contributors and perspectives. Our "3beat" process helped create a structure which could make the most of all the different voices. The projects had to brought to life with existing stills and archive footage, creating a multi-layered patchwork feel.

The final film reflects the broad scope of Oasis UK from housing projects to youth outreach, schools work to support for elderly people. It reveals the impact of the charity's mission on its staff as well as the people they serve.

Chief Operating Officer,  Danielle Welch, who commissioned the film, said “I feel quite moved when I watch it. It’s a properly heart-warming picture of who and what Oasis is, all through the words of our team".

See the film here

And find out how H&Co can help your team reflect the heart of your organisation with self-shot material. Email us hello@higham.co